Able-Carter Coach Service

The Able-Carter Coaching service has been running for centuries throughout Corwyn, with over 60 routes between many large cities across the continent.

The Service provides safe, reliable transportation between large cities, with frequent stops at Coaching Inns in rural areas, where travelers can be fed and rested, and fresh horses obtained.

The ubiquitous, red Able-Carter coaches are found on roadways everywhere. Each cabin seats nine passengers on three padded leather benches, plus a driver and guardsmen who ride outside. Each coach has four windows, plus two more on the doors, all of which can be opened for ventilation. Each window is fitted with glass panes to keep out the elements. In cold weather, the coaches carry heavy blankets for passengers, which keep them quite cozy on their long journeys. These blankets are stored under the three benches inside the coach.

The handsome lacquered-wood coaches are equipped with a unique suspension system for a smooth ride, and the coach-bodies are sealed with tar so they are waterproof. This allows the coaches to wade shallow creeks and streams. Baggage and other cargo are carried either in the boot on the rear of the coach, or on the cargo rack located on the roof. For speed, four or even six-horse teams are used.

Able-Carter coaches have dark red-enameled bodies with gold gilt trim, and a padded, black leather interior. Each coach also carries twin oil-burning lanterns for night-time visibility.

In addition to its passengers, Able-Carter also derives revenue from delivering mail and small parcels between cities.

The Able-Carter Coach Service was founded in the Free City of Redmark, but expanded greatly over the years. The Company now offers coach services on the following routes:

Iskandar: (7 routes, 36 coaches)
1. Wyn Falas to Herronford (twice daily) [4 coaches]
2. Wyn Falas to Scaramon (daily) [2 coaches]
3. Wyn Falas to Erath (six times daily ) [12 coaches]
4. Erath to Natharos (six times daily ) [12 coaches]
5. Erath to Coradan (daily) [2 coaches]
6. Herronford to Tharnia (twice daily) [4 coaches]
7. Scaramon to Herath (daily) [2 coaches]

Derianor: (2 routes, 24 coaches)
1. Elsareth to Donareth (six times daily ) [12 coaches]
2. Elsareth to Cymereth (six times daily ) [12 coaches]

Elyria: (7 routes, 60 coaches)
1. Pike's Ferry to Gresham (six times daily ) [12 coaches]
2. Pike's Ferry to Karthis (six times daily ) [12 coaches]
3. Pike's Ferry to Rilsavar (six times daily ) [12 coaches]
4. Rilsavar to Karthis (six times daily ) [12 coaches]
5. Gresham to Karthis (twice daily) [4 coaches]
6. Gresham to Rilsavar (twice daily) [4 coaches]
7. Cymereth to Gresham (twice daily) [4 coaches]

Erindar: (5 routes, 52 coaches)
1. Chelstad to Gresham (six times daily ) [12 coaches]
2. Chelstad to Marigold (six times daily ) [12 coaches]
3. Chelstad to Redmark (six times daily ) [12 coaches]
4. Redmark to Cymereth (twice daily) [4 coaches]
5. Redmark to Atharavon (six times daily ) [12 coaches]

Serathyr: (4 routes, 32 coaches)
1. Rastios to Korthos (six times daily ) [12 coaches]
2. Rastios to Saltmarsh (twice daily) [4 coaches]
3. Korthos to Saltmarsh (twice daily) [4 coaches]
4. Korthos to Karthis (six times daily ) [12 coaches]