The Academë

Now a private monastery, this institution was formerly the Ravinian Imperial School of Magic and the greatest university of the Ravinian Empire. The Academë is located on a large hill overlooking the city of Elsareth, in the northern region of the Realm of Derianor. The Academë is run by a sect of the Sable Brethren; an order of monks who worship Atanavar. The emblem of the Academë consists of three crossed keys in silver on a black field.

The monastery houses the greatest collection of books, tomes, scrolls, and parchments in the known realms. It is also the rumored location of the legendary Tome of Knowledge, as well as some of the Forbidden Scrolls. No one is allowed access into the great libraries and halls of the monastery unless they either have special permission from the Order or give a very generous donation.