Home Plane: Athylon
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Domains: Artifice, Community, Knowledge
Portfolio: Valor, Courage, Duty, Honor, Conviction
Worshipers Paladins, Soldiers, Barbarians
Symbol: Helm

Acerion is Corwyn's God of Valor.

As one of the fourth generation of the Malkar; Acerion is the only son of Etahr; the God of Strength.

Acerion is the master of all bravery and courage in the world, and the Patron-Deity of duty, honor, wartime courage, conviction, and physical bravery. Acerion is a member of the youngest generation of Corwyn’s lawful deities, so he wields tremendous power over mortals.

Acerion’s symbol is a great golden Helm that can magnify the wearer’s courage to an entire army under his leadership. Acerion is a strong and proud God, and his followers are very dangerous battlefield opponents, using unflinching courage and tactics against their opponents. His followers wear dark red robes to represent the spilt blood of valor, and are usually priests, monks, or warriors.

Acerion’s followers erect fortress-like temples, filled with statues of fallen heroes and great warriors of history. Acerion’s largest temple is located in the city of Elsareth, on the Avenue of Deities. Acerion’s chief rival is the chaotic God Knorr.