Lost Kingdom of Adar (Realm of the Wolf)

Originally an eastern colony of Amar, the ancient kingdom of Adar eventually became independent as it grew in power and strength during the Fourth Age.

Adar was founded by Duke Elroth Penrose, an Amari noble and nephew of King Osric of Amar. Osric was jealous of the expansion of the kingdom of Eldara in the south, so he sought to expand the nation of Amar into the East.

In the year 210/4, Osric sent his nephew into the East with a great host of soldiers, builders, and craftsmen to found great cities, conquer savage races, and most of all, to bring unlimited wealth to the royal court of Amar. Within three years, Elroth had founded the cities of Sirilath and Khorlanis in the East. In 232/4, Osric anointed Elroth the new king of Adar, and it became the new eastern sister-realm of Amar. Over the next two centuries, the realm of Adar conquered her Üthrari, Gauth, and Kurandian neighbors, and became the dominant power in the East.

But unknown to the kings sitting at Athos-Sorel, Adar was coming slowly under the influence of Alokkair, a powerful Gauth sorcerer who despised the West and lusted for revenge for his earlier defeat during the War of the Melanthir at the end of the Third Age. Under Alokkair’s influence and eventual domination, Adar became thoroughly corrupt and evil. By 440/4, the realm changed its emblem from the Adari coat of arms of a halved field of black and red/blue stripes to a red wolfs-head on black field. Adar then became known as the ‘Realm of the Wolf.’ After launching dozens of raids, prompting Vilzari incursions, and unleashing plagues and diseases, Alokkair ordered Adar and her orcish and barbarian allies to invade the West, beginning the War of the Pretender.

At the Battle of the Dawn in 1297/4, Alokkair was slain in single combat by Rynnish King Eromir III and the kingdom of Adar was completely destroyed in the aftermath of the conflict. With its three cities destroyed and its last king; Koroth II, slain in battle, the realm of Adar came to an inglorious and bloody end. With the Kingdom of Adar destroyed, its lands eventually broke into seven competing eastern nations, all vying for power and territory. These were the realms of: Drakhara, Kurath, Olgara, Orulath, Süroth, Urgoth, and Zorath. The kingdom of Adar encompassed the territories of what are today the realm of Morgoth, and the Khorlann Steppes.