Lost Kingdom of Adar (Realm of the Wolf)

Originally an eastern colony of Amar, the ancient kingdom of Adar eventually became independent after the War of Fear and Flame, and became the leading power in the East for many centuries.

King Osric was a greedy tyrant who ruled Amar with an iron fist. After hearing of the Thannish expeditions to the Kratheri Peninsula and the vast riches being extracted from those newly-conquered lands, Osric became obsessed with jealousy.

Determined to carve out his own empire, the King ordered a massive invasion of the East in the Year 210 of the Fourth Age. The invasion served several purposes; to enrich the King, enlarge Amari territory, and outshine his rival kingdom of Eldara.

The War of False Glory

To complete this undertaking, Osric chose his nephew; Elroth Penrose, to lead his army east over the Saugreth-Muir Mountains, in a massive campaign of conquest

For 12 long years, Elroth and his armies waged a series of ruthless military campaigns against the Thaldain peoples of the East. This conflict came to be known as the War of False Glory.

The war ended in the year 222/4, with Elroth's great victory at the Battle of Vilharen.

The War of Fear and Flame

Elroth returned to Athos-Sorel as a conquering hero, but his own ambitions soon set another disastrous conflict in motion. In the year 227/4, Elroth attempted to overthrow King Osric, igniting the War of Fear and Flame.

Elroth and his forces were defeated in that conflict, and he was exiled into the East, where he declared himself the first King of Adar.

King Elroth spent the remainder of his life expanding the power of his new kingdom, and overseeing the construction of the city of Adarond, high up in the Saugreth-Muir Mountains.

Over the next two centuries, the realm of Adar conquered her Üthrari, Gauth, and Daroon neighbors, and became the dominant power in the East.


War of the False Spring

After Elroth's death in 271/4, his son Markov ascended the Platinum Throne of Adar. Like his father before him, Markov was intelligent and ambitious.

He decided to expand Adari power even further than his father, by invading adjacent territory to both the south and east.

Adari power reached its zenith during the War of the False Spring; a terribly long and bloody conflict between Adar and the Far East Empire of Shang-Zhou.

By the end of this war in 287/4, the imperial capital of Zhengys had been captured and burned, and the Daroon signed a peace treaty granting Adar control of much of their former territory.

Under the Influence of Alokkair

Over the centuries, Adar came gradually under the influence of Alokkair, a powerful Gauth sorcerer who despised the West and lusted for revenge for his earlier defeat during the War of the Elanthir at the end of the Third Age. Under Alokkair’s domination, Adar became thoroughly corrupt and evil.

After launching dozens of raids, prompting Vilzari incursions, and unleashing plagues and diseases, Alokkair ordered Adar and her orcish and barbarian allies to invade the West, beginning the War of the Pretender.

At the Battle of the Dawn in 1297/4, Alokkair was slain in single combat by Rynnish King Eromir III. the kingdom of Adar was completely destroyed in the conflict; all three of its cities were destroyed, and its last king; Koroth II, slain in battle.

The kingdom of Adar encompassed the territories of what are today the realm of Drakhara, and the Khorlann Steppes.


When the Kingdom of Adar collapsed, its lands were divided into seven smaller nations, each of which competed for power and territory. These realms were: