The Adari

Commonly known as "Darklanders" or "Saugreth," the Adari are one of the largest human ethnic groups on Corwyn.

Most commonly found in the East, the Adari are a hybrid race, made up of a combination of both Rynnish and Thaldain ethnicities.

When the Amari invaded eastern Corwyn, they conquered the local people living in the region, but over thousands of years, assimilated into their cultures and traditions.

The races intermingled and the mixture of Amari blood with Gauth became the race of the Adari.

After the War of the Pretender, the eastern Amari were expelled permanently to the East to dwell as outcasts or ‘Saugreth.’

That term still describes them today. The Adari folk are tall and proud, with predominantly black hair, light greyish-tan skin and bright eyes of blue, hazel, or grey.

The Gauth consider these hybrids a lesser race and almost subhuman. The Adari people speak Adari, which is a mixture of Amari and Gauth, and there are no dialects.

The Adari are one of the most common races found in eastern Corwyn today, but are rarer in western Corwyn. Because of their birthplace in the East; the Adari are infected with the "Taint."

Common Adari names include: Bronn, Gorn, Kern, Kharg, Mhorg, Vharg, Vorn, and Zorn.


The Adari people speak "Adari," a mixture of the ancient Amari, Thalari, and Gauth languages. It is still commonly spoken in the East and in the region of the Khorlann Steppes. Adari is the official language of the realm of Drakhara, and is commonly understood by most orc tribes in that realm as well.