Lost City of Adarond

Located in an eastern valley of the Saugreth-Muir; this city, now called the "City of the Dead," was once the capital of the lost kingdom of Adar.

Adarond was once called the "City of splendors." Its construction by the the Adari kings was a testament to their wealth and pride. The capital of Adar at that time was Sirilath, but was considered too mundane by the Adari court and its royal advisor, Alokkair.

So, Adarond was built, high up in a mountain valley. The city was built with rare white stone, prized jewels, and rare woods. It was the most opulent of eastern cities. Then, after its completion, the city began to suffer problems. Disease and death ruled the streets, and within a few years, the city was abandoned by the Adari court and left to Alokkair. It then became the "City of the Dead,' for Alokkair had wanted a city of his undead minions and only used the Adari to get what he wanted. After the destruction of the city of Adarond, the city of Sirilath again became the capital of Adar. Adarond was overcome by a terrible disaster in the Fourth Age. It is said the city is still haunted by dark spirits of its former inhabitants.

The city remains to this day a haunted frightful place, where the dead walk freely, and other dark spirits inhabits the shadows. Living men seldom venture near the city, and the seldom-used road that leads from Sol-Arkalad west up into the mountain pass, is overgrown and abandoned. The actual ruins are not visited by living men, and the few who have ventured to the city’s ruins have never returned.

Local people say that at night, strange lights and terrible cries can be heard in the mountain valley that surrounds this terrible place. Strange lights and ghastly howls can also be heard coming down from the pass in the dead of night, and remind potential trespassers that they are not welcome.