Adleroth Penrose

Adleroth Penrose was the brother of Queen Irova Penrose of Adar. He was exiled in 585/4 after criticizing his sister's use of dark magic, and later founded the Freehold of Dorada.

After he was banished from Adar, Adleroth took his family and a few loyal retainers, and traveled west into far northwestern Corwyn. He eventually settled in the city of Stonebridge, a large settlement in the Eastvale region.

During his time there, Adleroth became increasingly spiritual. He became a devout cleric of Berevrom and attracted many followers. As his followers grew, many people saw Adleroth as a righteous leader, and in the year 599 of the Fourth Age, the people of Stonebridge elected him to rule their city.

Adleroth refused the title of "King," and instead decided to form a new form of government, based upon freedom of all citizens. He called his new civilization a "Freehold," and named it "Dorada" after the Doradans who made up most of its population.

Adleroth's younger brother was Sir Donaray; a legendary knight, who sacrificed his life to save the city of Stonebridge from a Ravager attack, and its inhabitants re-named the city in his honor.

In addition to his many other achievements, Lord Adleroth built several magnificent temples dedicated to his beloved deity; Berevrom. These temples were located in the city of Donareth, the city of Elsareth, and the largest was built at "Valecross."