The Aeryn

Commonly known as "Rynnish" or "Moorlanders," the Aeryn are one of the largest human ethnic groups found on Corwyn.

The largest Rynnish population is located within the Kingdom of Alveron, followed by the Borderlands, and the Moors.

Substantial Rynnish minorities also exist in southern Ammarind, northern Orel, and eastern Erindar.


Rynnish men and women are usually slender and tall, with sharp angular features. The Rynnish commonly have either blond or brown hair, pale skin, and bright eyes of blue, green, or grey.


Other races sometimes feel that Rynnish folk are arrogant, for they see themselves as the chosen people because both the Myrnäe Dynasty and the Immortal Empress descended from this ethnicity. But in actuality, most Rynnish folk are modest, hard-working people, with a penchant for stone-masonry and architecture. Rynnish culture embraces family, love of poetry, and familial traditions.

There are strongly held class and gender divisions set up in Rynnish society, with a person's station at birth playing a crucial role in how he or she is measured by Rynnish society. Although few Rynnish speak openly about a strict class based system in their society; most Rynnish live out their lives according to their station, risking social expulsion or even imprisonment if they do not adhere to societal norms. Rynnish men and women dwelling in the Kingdom of Alveron view themselves as superior to all other other humans races and even to those Rynnish who dwell outside the kingdoms' borders.

Another aspect of Rynnish culture is maintaining family honor and pride. Losing face is considered the worst of cultural sins, and most Rynnish would do anything to avoid such. Saving face demands that all Rynnish treat others as they present themselves, regardless whether such facades bear any resemblance to the truth. One a person or family loses face, they often lose their status and can be relegated to a lower social class within Rynnish society. Privacy is therefore a precious commodity, for it allows individuals to act as they wish without outside scrutiny, which could result in such social punishment. Rynnish also place great importance on hospitality and manners. There are strictly defined rules and benefits for both guests and hosts.Guests cannot inflict harm on their guests, and are protected by a sacred tradition of guest right under the roof of their hosts once invited in.

The social classes of Rynnish society are in order from highest to lowest; The Ruling Class, the Advisers, the Military, the Clergy, the Merchants, the Artisans, the Laborers, the Farmers, and lowest, the Servant class. Only women are are allowed to marry above their social class and all such arrangements are strictly scrutinized within the Rynnish culture.



Some Rynnish men and women are drawn to adventuring in hopes of finding quick wealth that will allow them to return to a life of luxury, and thereby improve their social station. Other human races view Rynnish as avaricious, lazy, pampered, and arrogant. In truth most Aeryn seek nothing more than a lifestyle of comfort and obedience to the Gods. Aeryn men and women can easily become characters of any player class, but most prefer to become clerics, fighters, paladins, and rangers.


The Aeryn people speak Rynnish as well as common, and there are only three major dialects. Rynnish is one of the seven original dialects of western men, and the language of the Aeryn people of the Moorlands region of Corwyn. This language is most commonly spoken throughout the realm of Alveron, as well as eastern Erindar, southern Ammarind, and northern Orel. Rynnish is the one of the most widespread languages in common usage on the continent of Corwyn.

In addition to Rynnish, many higher-educated people of Aeryn descent speak Silvanestri; the language of the elves of Corwyn.


Common male Rynnish names include: Bryce, Edrenn, Eladan, Eladrin, Elcathar, Elgor, Elmar, Elrovar, Eradan, Eromir, Erondar, Erskil, Erstan, Ezgur, and Eradan.

Common female Rynnish names include: Ariana, Arwyn, Elwyn, Eriadne, Olena, Ravenna, and Ravinia.