Agathar Del Vecchio III

(Born. 1191/4, Died. 1246/4) (Reign: 1225-1246/4) King Agathar Del VecchioIII was the Forty-second monarch of his Dynasty, who was anointed as King of Eldara in the year 1225/4.

Agathar III was the eldest son of King Arathar IV and father of Hagar II. Agathar did not have a pleasant time on the Amethyst Throne of Eldara.

As a child, He watched as his father Arathar and his older brother Castenar went to war over the Kratheri Peninsula, in the First Eldaran Civil War.

In the final year of his life, King Agathar III saw his kingdom divided once again, with the outbreak of the Second Eldaran Civil War.