Agatite Mountains

The Agatite Mountains are an enormous range which stretch for hundreds of miles across southern Corwyn, until they merge with the Redpeaks.

This largely impenetrable range of jagged peaks is made up largely of brown stone and red clay, blasted by thousands of years of blowing sands, hurled against it by the desert winds. Underneath, lie massive slabs of limestone, and countless caves.

Within those caves are many rich deposits of blue agates which gave the mountains their namesake. The Vilzari people call these Mountains the "Rehsa-Tayuf"


The range runs for hundreds of miles, from southeast to northwest. Along its path, the mountains serve as the boundary between the desolate Sea of Sand and the secluded and lush Valley of Lost Cities.

Although the western side of these mountains is extremely dry and desolate, its eastern slopes are lush and fertile, with many waterfalls, and grassy vales. These mountains are home to many scattered Vilzari and Kashardi settlements, as well as tribes of gnolls, goblins, and orcs.

There are even a few dwarven colonies found here, which exist solely to mine the highly-prized, blue agates found deep below these mountains.