Ahriman was an important adviser to the Pharaohs of Shorafa for many years and the leader of the infamous Usiji Cult.

Under Ahriman's leadership, the Cult devised the infamous Night Plague, which was used with devastating effect against the Nimbori, allowing their nation to be easily conquered by the Shorafi.

Setirah had long feared the growing influence of Ahriman at the Imperial Court of Shorafa, and she felt this victory gave him nd his followers too much power.

After her great victory over Nimbor, Pharaoh Setirah later ordered Ahriman to be executed, and banished his surviving followers into the barren Sea of Sand. For this ruthless act of betrayal, the Cult swore vengeance against Shorafa.

Centuries later, Ahriman's followers achieved their vengeance by working with Nimbori agents to unleash the Plague of Madness upon the hapless Shorafi; an act which caused the Empire of Shorafa to collapse.