King Ajathar Alessarë

(1125/2 - ???) Ajathar Alessarë was the last Grey-Elf king of Wyntharë; who, along with most of the surviving Grey-Elves, left Corwyn around the Year 1000 of the Third Age and returned to the Elven homeland of Eryn Norvë.

Ajathar was the grandson of Talarion Brightstar, and the second son of Queen Ariel Alessarë. Even in his youth, Ajathar was a sad figure. He was overcome with guilt over the death of his older brother Arkelion; who had been slain in the year 252/3 at the Battle of Orgorod.

Ajathar assumed the Veiled Throne in the year 884/3 and ruled Wyntharë for roughly 300 years, but his rule was beset by tragedy. The elven king took the throne, after the Grey-Elves suffered their most terrible catastrophe, a tragedy that took the life of his mother, Queen Ariel.


In the year 884 of the Third Age, the Grey-Elven homeland of Wyntharë was struck by the Great Rift; a terrible earthquake that left most of the Grey-Elf population dead or maimed. The earthquake also completely devastated their three greatest cities; Alarë, Selunë and Wyn Falas, which were either consumed by the sea, or left in complete ruins.

After this catastrophic event; Ajathar and his fellow elves became bitter and morose. The few surviving Grey-Elves of Wyntharë began to yearn to return to their ancestral homeland of Eryn Norvë. It was for these reasons, Ajathar and most of his people eventually left Corwyn, never to return.

A few Grey-Elves decided to remain. Those few moved south to Vesarivon Isle and formed an enclave around the ancient, ruined city of Starfall. They called their new home: Antharë.