King Ajathar Alessarë

(1125/2 - ???) Ajathar Alessarë was the last ruler of the Grey-Elf realm of Wyntharë. He abdicated his throne around 1000/3 and sailed to the Elven homeland of Eryn Norvë.

Ajathar was born the grandson of Talarion Brightstar and the second son of Queen Ariel.

Even in his youth, Ajathar was a tragic figure, who was overcome with guilt over the death of his older brother Arkelion; who was slain at the Battle of Orgorod in 252/3.

Ajathar suffered yet another tragedy when his mother, Queen Ariel was killed in the Great Rift of 884/3, and he assumed the Veiled Throne with his entire nation devastated and most of his people dead or maimed.

This catastrophic earthquake completely devastated the elven cities of Alarë and Wyn Falas. Worse, the elven city of Selunë was completely consumed by the Sea of Ralas.

Ajathar's mother, Queen Ariel was killed in the Rift, when her palace collapsed around her.

After this catastrophic event; Ajathar and the few surviving Grey-Elves became bitter and morose. Many Grey-Elves began to yearn to return to their ancestral homeland of Eryn Norvë.

Eventually, around the year 1000/3, Ajathar and most of his folk left Corwyn, never to return.

However, a few Grey-Elves decided to remain on Corwyn. They settled on the newly-formed Vesarivon Isle, located just south of Westvale Island.

Today, that heavily forested island is called "Antharë," a secret and well-protected enclave of the Grey-Elves.