King Ajathar Alessarë

(1125/2 - ???) Ajathar Alessarë was the last Grey-Elf king of Wyntharë, who left Corwyn around 1055/3, along with many of his folk.

The Grey-Elves that remained formed an enclave called Antharë that was ruled by a small council of mages. Ajathar was the grandson of Talarion Brightstar, and the second son of Queen Ariel Alessarë, the founder of Wyntharë.

Ajathar assumed the Veiled Throne in 702/3 and ruled Wyntharë for 353 years, before he left Corwyn for Eryn Norvë, never to return.

Legend has it, Ajathar returned to Eryn Norvë because of guilt over the death of his older brother Arkelion; who was slain at the Battle of Orgorod, in the year 252/3.