Ak’Tai is the Water-God of the Vilzari and the daughter of the Vilzari Moon-God Velok.

Ak'Tai us the Vilzari’s Matron-Deity of rivers, lakes, oceans, and all running water. Her symbol is both a shooting star in the night sky and the waterfall. Ak’Tai is a benevolent Goddess and her Vilzari followers share her ideals of mercy and sharing. Her followers wear dark purple and lavender robes to represent the night sky realm of their mistress.

Ak’Tai’s followers have erected many temples throughout the coastal regions of the Sea of Sand, and along the banks of the great Shorafa River. Her followers worship throughout the region free of persecution by the Vilzari Warlords in An-Khara. The closest of her followers left the desert long ago to establish an island sanctuary called Nimbor to honor their Goddess. Ak’Tai’s largest temple is located in the Nimbori island city of Syrene, which is the capitol city of the theocracy of Nimbor.