Home Plane: The Abyss
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Domains: Chaos, Death, Destruction, Evil, Strength, War
Portfolio: War, Carnage, Chaos, Destruction
Worshippers: soldiers, warriros, barbarians
Symbol: Sword
Akhmahra is Corwyn’s Dark God of War and Carnage.

Akhmahra is the son of Karaash, the God of Hatred, and the youngest of the final generation of the chaotic Corwyn Deities, being half-mortal.

The God was born as a result of his father’s rape of a young human maiden, who gave birth to him and was murdered shortly after the delivery. Akhmahra is the master of all war and carnage. As such, he is also the Patron-Deity of many armies, the military, battle, ambush, siege machines, and all battlefield carnage. Akhmahra’s followers include many evil soldiers, knights, and anti-paladins.

His symbol is a great jeweled broad Sword, made by Akhmahra himself in the forges of the underworld. Akhmahra is a vicious and uncaring God, and his followers can be quite treacherous, and strive to inspire chaos, carnage and war, wherever they see the chance. His followers wear dark orange robes to represent the fiery carnage of war and battle and to glorify their master, and are usually fallen paladins, evil priests, or ruthless warriors.

Akhmahra’s followers erect no temples as that would be against their master’s order, but worship in either former battlefields, or graveyards to glorify the fallen. The God of War has few followers, but his name is often cursed after a bloody battle or during a terrible war that has caused great suffering and death to many. Akhmahra has only one known temple, located in the city of Sarkosa.

Akhmahra’s chief rival is the lawful Goddess Shua.