Emperor Al'Dur Kharata

Born the Grandson of King Tilvanos of Eloysia, son of Queen Lorica, and the ruler of the small kingdom of Eloysia; Al'Dur Kharata became the first Emperor of the Eloysian Empire of Azoria. After decades of conquest, young Al'Dur carved out a great empire in the Sanjaara Jungle and ruled from the Jade Throne between the years AR 001 and AR 43.


Al'Dur was raised by his mother, Queen Lorica. As a child he bore witness to a terrible raid by the Serpent-folk, and hated the "jungle -snakes" for the remainder of his life.

As was custom for Eloysian high-ranking nobles and lesser royalty, Al'Dur was tutored by Aristos; a famous scholar from the Prestige Academies of Garuda, where he learned much of Shadurian culture, history, and the Duric language.

He was further instructed on the art of magic by tutors from the Iridescent Order, and martially trained by the finest master-at-arms from both Garuda and Sanjakar. The young Al'Dur never forgot his training, and used his refined skills of magic, war, and diplomacy to expand his political powers for the rest of his life.


When he was only 23 years old, Queen Lorica; Al'Dur's mother died suddenly, and he was thrust into the position of King of Eloysia. Al'Dur's kingdom was beset by political rivals, and many of the territories his grandfather Tilvanos had conquered were in open revolt.


Al'Dur's earliest successful campaign was between the years AR 003 and AR 008, when he conquered the then-powerful city-states of Oriad and Eriskhar in the Tarxian Wars. These two early victories gave him the confidence, new funds, and new soldiers to pursue even bigger targets. The young emperor soon gathered his armies, and began a series of brilliant military campaigns; known as the Seven Glorious Conquests.

Within twenty-five years (AR 12 through AR 38), he had crushed all his opponents, and also nearly doubled the size of Eloysian control. The so-called "Seven Glorious Conquests" of Al'Dur were a series of brilliant military campaigns that he commanded against the Seven Cities of Bronze.

After all seven cities were under his control; Al'Dur turned his attention south. He then conquered the realm of Vhan Da'Har in the year AR 40 and concluded the War of the Long March, which was his last military victory.

By the time, Al'Dur completed his last campaign; he had defeated and conquered the following city-states; Al’Than E’Thai, Dhal Viera, Ona Miertay, Sionjhäe, Thiele Graavos, Vhal Quaaros, and Xhaarata.



Al’Dur founded the Eloysian Empire in the year AR 001 and made the city of Sanjakar its capital. Al’Dur was a great military leader and his series of conquests eventually created an Empire that ruled the continent of Azoria for 2,079 years. Al'Dur was also the founder of the Imperial Kharata Dynasty. Al'Dur was a proud man, he declared the creation of his Empire as "The Dawn of a New Age," and created his own Calendar, calling it "Year Zero" To this day, the Aldurian Calendar is still used on Azoria, and the founding of the Empire is known as Year: AR 001.