Prelacy of Al'Hazra

Capitol: Var Salaam (population: 92,000)
Population: 467,000 (99% human; 65% Eloysian, 25% Hakeen, 10% other)
Government: Theocracy
Current Leader: A council of nine senior Va’an Desai priests; Prelate is Makalo Prinzut
Coat of Arms: golden winged serpent on a sable field
Exports: spices, gems, gold, iron, metal goods

Located high in the eastern region of the Sha'Dur Mountains of Avokhar, the Prelacy of Al’ Hazra is a large realm devoted to the worship of the Gods, and the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom. The capitol of Al’ Hazra is the large city of Var Salaam. Historically, Al’ Hazra has been one of only a few civilizations on Avokhar that were able to withstand the onslaught of both the Eloysian invaders from the south, as well as several incursions from their Vilzari neighbors to the north.

The military of the prelacy is superbly trained, and lavishly equipped, both with skilled troops and magical equipment. For this reason, the prelacy has never been conquered, and it controls the main eastern mountain passage between the realm of Vilzar and the Sanjaara Jungle. The Order of Va’an Desai, a ancient, powerful, and influential order of Eloysian priests and monks originated from this realm, and their members control its government today. Over the centuries, there was much trade between Al'Hazra and the three Sultanates of Ilsenene, Rhaygos, and Styr. Even today, there is a sizeable, ethnic minority of Hakeen in the human population here.


Al'Hazra was originally a small colony of the lost realm of Sha'Dur. But when that nation was destroyed by the Eloysian Empire in the year AR 237, the surviving Shadurian refugees came here. Over the centuries, the Prelacy was able to withstand the Eloysians, as well as the hated Vilzari. The city grew powerful through the influential order of Va'an Desai, as well as its status as the new home of the Iridescent Order.