Home Plane: the Abyss
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Domain: Chaos, Death, Evil, Knowledge, Law, Magic, War
Portfolio: Death, Spirits
Worshippers Evil Priests
Symbol: Book

Al-Karym is Corwyn’s Dark God of Death and Destruction.

As one of the first generation of the Malkar; Al-Karym was one of two opposing Gods of Light and Darkness. He was created directly by the Unnamed One and is the oldest and most powerful of the evil deities of Corwyn.

Al-Karym is the evil half-brother of Enom; the God of Life and Creation, and the father of both Eiryundal; the Goddess of Night and Kagyar; the God of Decay. Al-Karym is the master of all mortality in the world, and knows when the end of all life comes. As such, he is also the Patron-Deity of the Dead, Funerals, Graveyards, and Mausoleums.

His symbol is a great leather Book, bound from the flesh of the first mortal to die on Corwyn. Al-Karym is an evil but fair Deity, and his followers keep to themselves, meditating on the finality and glory of death.

Al-Karym's followers wear black robes to represent the finality of death and the underworld realm of their master, and are usually rural priests, thieves, or evil monks. Al-Karym’s followers erect no temples as that would be against their natural order; but instead worship inside crypts or tombs.

Al-Karym’s chief rival is his brother Enom. The only known temple of Al-Karym is inside the city of Sarkosa. The most important holiday for the followers of Al-Karym is the Festival of Spirits.