Home Plane: the Abyss
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Domain: Chaos, Death, Evil, Knowledge, Law, Magic, War
Portfolio: Death, Spirits
Worshippers Evil Priests
Symbol: Book

Al-Karym is Corwyn’s Dark God of Death and Destruction.

As one of the first generation of the Malkar; Al-Karym was one of two opposing Gods of Law and Chaos created directly by the Unnamed One and is the oldest and most powerful of the chaotic deities. Al-Karym is the evil half-brother of Enom; the God of Life and Creation, and the father of both Eiryundal; the Goddess of Night and Kagyar; the God of Decay. Al-Karym is the master of all mortality in the world, and knows when the end of all life comes. As such, he is also the Patron-Deity of the Dead, Funerals, Graveyards, and Mausoleums.

His symbol is a great leather Book, bound from the flesh of the first mortal to die on Corwyn. Al-Karym is an evil but fair Deity, and his followers keep to themselves, meditating on the finality and glory of death.

Al-Karym's followers wear black robes to represent the finality of death and the underworld realm of their master, and are usually rural priests, thieves, or evil monks. Al-Karym’s followers erect no temples as that would be against their natural order; but instead worship inside crypts or tombs.

Al-Karym’s chief rival is his brother Enom. The only known temple of Al-Karym is inside the city of Sarkosa. The most important holiday for the followers of Al-Karym is the Festival of Spirits.