(population: 27,000) Alarë is the second largest city in the kingdom of Rennsfar and a major seaport on the Sea of Ralas.

This ancient city was originally built by the Elder-elves and for many years was an integral part of the elvish nation of Wyntharë. That all ended during the Great Rift in 884/3, when the city was destroyed and soon after, the elves abandoned the ruins.

Eventually, the city was rebuilt by Ralani settlers who had colonized the Isle of Renthaara. From there, the city grew immensely in both size and importance.

Today, Alarë is a major seaport, where every day, dozens of giant merchant vessels load olive oil, wine, and lumber destined for far-away ports, and hundreds of tiny fishing boats unload their daily catches.

This city's wealth has made it home to many powerful and influential families. The city of is currently governed by Duchess Isenia Rankin; the matriarch of House Rankin, a prestigious member of Rennsfari nobility.


The Catacombs

One lasting legacy of Alarë's elvish heritage is the vast network of catacombs that exist beneath the city streets. The elves constructed these underground passages many ages ago as tombs.

Centuries ago, the Veiled Society sealed of all known entrances, but rumors still persist of elves and other strange folk still dwelling down in the dark passages below the city streets.