(population: 27,000) Alarë is the second largest city in the kingdom of Rennsfar and a major seaport on the Sea of Ralas.

This ancient city was once populated by elves from the city-state of Selunë. But after the Great Rift in 884/3, the elves soon left and were replaced by migrating human settlers of Ralani descent. The city is now a major human seaport, where hundreds of fishing boats tie up daily to unload their catches that are sold across the continent.

One legacy of the Alarë's elvish heritage is the vast networks of catacombs found beneath the city streets. These passages were built many millennia ago by early elvish colonists of the civilization of Selunë. These ruins are cut off from most explorers now, but rumors persist of elves and other strange folk still dwelling in these dark catacombs.

The city of Alarë is currently governed by Duchess Isenia Rankin.