Alaric Tercival

Sir Alaric Tercival is a Paladin of Berevrom, and a highly-respected figure in the city of Caldera.

Alaric is a one of the most famous men in Caldera. Not only is he a descendant of Kristof Tercival; one of the five founders of the city, but he is also a highly experienced and distinguished Knight of Berevrom.

Alaric is well-known for his many heroic, daring missions fighting evil in the Rockdale region and the vast Sanjaara Jungle.

As part of a long-standing family tradition, Sir Alaric stays out of local politics, but recently has began privately grumbling about the current administration of Governor Severan Navalent.

Because of his stern and aloof demeanor, Alaric seems to have few friends, other than a young cleric named Jenya.

House of Tercival

The House of Tercival is one of the Five Families of Caldera.