King Alaron Baranthyr

Alaron Baranthyr was a former noble of Ralas who successfully led a rebellion against the Serati Dynasty during the War of the Celadon and, as a result, became the first King of Rennsfar.

The war began when King Durendil's son; Prince Drexel raped Amarei; Alaron's wife during her religious visit to the Celadon Forest. Alaron soon found out and challenged the prince to single combat. Alaron killed the prince fairly, but King Durendil ordered him arrested and executed for treason.

When Alaron fled south to Renthara, the King sent many soldiers to burn his lands and butcher his people. This cruelty sparked the southern nobles of Ralas into open revolt and a great war for independence began.

Lord Alaron, fought bravely at Battle of Edgecliffe in 558/6. He personally killed King Durendil Serati II and threw his mangled body off the cliffs of Renthara. His army soon routed the remaining loyalist forces and the war ended that day.

That same year, Alaron was proclaimed king and founded the new realm of Rennsfar on the island of Renthara. Alaron also ordered Castle Everwind built and it became the new citadel of his kingdom. King Alaron is considered the greatest of heroes in Rennsfar, and was the first monarch of the Baranthyr Dynasty.