Alaznist was the last Runelord of Wrath. He once ruled Kosidar; one of seven Imperial Districts in the lost Iskari Empire.

Alaznist was a specialist in the school of "Wrath Magic", which is now called Evocation, and was said to have also been a powerful arcane knight.

For many years, Alaznist ruled from the district capital of Arakhan, which was located in the Ageless Mountains of Ikharos.

He is believed to have been destroyed, along with the other six Runelords, during the events of Skyfall. Although, today, sages cannot agree whether or not he survived those cataclysmic events.


As Alaznist has been gone for almost 5,000 years, most sages have very little information on him.

Various statues that have been found which depict him as a stern, handsome human male with long hair, flowing robes, and wielding a charred adamantine ranseur, on which the skull of the first Rune-Lord of Wrath was impaled.

Alaznist is said to have been impatient and impulsive, caring little for magical research, and preferred modifying his many soldiers by magical means such as flesh-warping and alchemy.


Alaznist is said to have been a worshiper of Karaash, as well many types of demons, who shared his enthusiasm for violence and destruction. Most important to him, however, was the pure veneration of anger and wrath.


Alaznist grew up among the nobility of Arakhan, an Imperial District capital located in the Ageless Mountains. At a young age, he became apprenticed to his father, who was a powerful wizard in the school of wrath magic.

When he surpassed even his father's extensive knowledge, Alaznist turned to various demons and creatures of the Far Realm for additional guidance. His father warned him that a pact with such entities was foolish and dangerous. But greedy for arcane power, Alaznist sacrificed his father and the rest of his family to those very demons.

With his newfound powers he maneuvered to become the apprentice to Thybidos; the reigning Runelord of Wrath. After working under him for many years, Alaznist eventually challenged Thybidos to a magical duel, killed him, then took his place.

In the city of Arakhan, this method of Runelord succession had been quite traditional. But Alaznist's power was so great, he was able to hold off all future rivals until the Iskari Empire collapsed in the late Third Age.

Up until the events of Skyfall, Alaznist continued to rule from Arakhan; the famed "City of Wrath."


Alaznist ruled for many centuries, but much of his time was spent in a state of perpetual warfare with Karzoug, one his fellow Runelords. The two men bitterly hated each other, and also sought each other's territory, for their Imperil districts bordered one another.

To aid him in his wars against Karzoug, Alaznist first constructed the Hellstorm Flumes along his District Borders. These massive fortifications had the ability to scorch enemy armies from many miles away, and were said to be sentient. Alaznist was also the first to create the dreaded Sinspawn, using the stored energy of a "Runewell."

According to legend; Alaznist was on the verge of defeating Karzoug and conquering Shalast, when he and his entire realm were destroyed during Skyfall.


Today, little remains of the city of Arakhan, as most of it was laid waste in the cataclysmic events of Skyfall. However, there are a few surviving legacies of reign.

The dungeons below Alaznist's ancient fortress are said to stretch all the way down into the Underdark, and contain many terrible magical secrets and powerful artifacts

Also, even though all the existing Hellstorm Flumes on Ikharos were destroyed during Skyfall, it is believed that a few loyal followers of Alaznist sailed across the Wyn Myr in the late Third Age and built at least one Flume on Corwyn.

The final legacy of Alaznist was his apprentice; Xalias, a powerful sorcerer in his own right. His fate is also unknown.