Alaznist was the last immortal Runelord of Wrath, who ruled for many years over his city of Arakhan; an integral part of the lost Iskari Empire of Iskandar.

Alaznist is believed to have retreated from view along with the other six Runelords during Skyfall, and it is unknown whether he survived that cataclysm. Alaznist was a specialist in "Wrath Magic" (now called Evocation) and was said to have been a powerful arcane knight.


As Alaznist has been gone for almost 5,000 years, most sages have very little information on him. Although statues that have been found depicting him as a stern, handsome human male with long hair, flowing robes, and wielding a charred adamantine ranseur, on which the skull of the first Rune-Lord of Wrath was impaled. Alaznist is said to have been impatient and impulsive, caring little for magical research, and preferred modifying his many soldiers by magical means such as flesh-warping and alchemy.

Religious Beliefs

Alaznist is said to have been a worshiper of Karaash, as well many types of demons, who shared his enthusiasm for violence and destruction. Most important to him, however, was the pure veneration of anger and wrath. In order to encourage these traits in his subjects, Alaznist built many runewells which could absorb the souls of wrathful mortals in order to further his power and create sinspawn.


Alaznist grew up among the nobility of Arakhan, the capital of Imperial Iskari Realm of Wrath, and was apprenticed at a young age to his father, a powerful wizard of wrath magic himself. When he outpaced even his father's extensive knowledge, Alaznist turned to various demons and creatures of the Far Realm for additional guidance. His father warned him that a pact with such entities was foolish and dangerous. But greedy for arcane power, Alaznist sacrificed his father and the rest of his family to those very demons. With his newfound powers he challenged and killed the reigning Runelord of wrath, Thybidos, and took his place. In Arakhan this method of succession was quite traditional, but Alaznist's power was such, that he was able to hold off all rivals until the Iskari Empire fell in the late Third Age.

Alaznist ruled from the Imperial District capitol of Arakhan; the City of Wrath, which was located in the Ageless Mountains, deep within the continent of Iskandar.

War with Karzoug

The Runelord of Wrath seems to have directed most of his anger toward his fellow Runelord, Karzoug. The two were in a state of perpetual warfare, constantly battling at the border their two districts shared. Alaznist first constructed the Hellstorm Flumes along this border in order to scorch harassing armies from miles away. He is also known to have used rune giants as living siege weapons, and is credited with creating the dreaded "Sinspawn." Alaznist was said to have been on the verge of defeating his rival and conquering Shalast, when he and his entire realm were destroyed during Skyfall. Like all seven Runelords, Alaznist had a loyal apprentice; Xalias. His fate is also unknown.

Alaznist's Legacy

Little remains of Arakhan and Alaznist's legacy, as most of it was laid waste in the cataclysmic events of Skyfall, but there are a few exceptions. The dungeons below his ancietn fortress stretch all the way down to the Darklands. All the Hellstorm Flumes on Iskandar were destroyed during Skyfall, although it is believed that loyal followers of Alaznist sailed across the Wyn Myr in the late Third Age and built several on Corwyn.