Aldern Foxglove

Aldern Foxglove is a local nobleman and wealthy merchant, Aldern does not live in Sandpoint, but resides in a large estate south of town. He frequently visits Sandpoint on business. Currently, he is staying at the White Deer Inn.

The Foxglove Family

About 85 years ago, a wealthy merchant named Vorel Foxglove moved to the region of the Lost Coast, where he purchased a large estate and had a lavish cliff-side mansion built for himself and his wife, Kasanda. Some tragedy befell the couple and the house lay vacant for 40 years.

Forty years ago, a great nephew of Vorel named Travis Foxglove and his wife; Cyralie moved into the mansion and lived there together for many years. About 27 years ago, Cyralie gave birth to their only child Aldern. Unfortunately, tragedy struck the Foxglove family again 22 years ago, and both parents died. the five-yr old Aldern was sent away to live with relatives in Wyn Falas.

7 years ago, Aldern returned to Foxglove Manor as a grown man. He decided to renovate the old home. About a year later, he met a Korghani woman named Iesha, and soon after, the two were married.