(population: 84,000) Alenthas is the capital city of Alveron, located on along the western banks of the Amador River. It is built upon the ruins of the city of Arynäe; the capital of the lost Ravinian Empire.

Alenthas was founded in the early days of the Sixth Age by King Myonen Alomir, who also rebuilt the kingdom of Alveron out of the ashes of the Cataclysm.

The city serves as a junction of the Kingsway and the Border Road.

Today, Alenthas is a cultural center of the West, and one of the largest and wealthiest cities on Corwyn. The city is named for the Alenthas vines that grew upon the high walls of Arynäe, and are believed both to have mystical powers and to bring good fortune

The Rynnish designed Alenthas to be a place of strength, with fifty-foot stone walls, strong battlements, and tall gates of wood and iron to keep invaders out.

In the center of the city is the historic fortress of Castle Myrdon; once the former seat of the Ravinian Empire. Today that grand fortress serves as the royal citadel of Alveron, and all royal business is conducted within its Great Hall.

The local city government conducts its affairs at the Council Hall, where the Duke of Alenthas also governs. The City Militia is based at "the Garrison;" an old derelict army barracks which serves as their home.

The City Militia of Alenthas is well trained, but lightly armed, and numbers about 700 men. Their uniforms consist of a gold surcoat with a crest of a large Alenthas leaf in green on a white shield.

Alenthas is currently governed by Duke Edrenn Avanti.