Alesard Dynasty

The Alesard Dynasty was a line of Thannish rulers descended from King Rygar; who founded the kingdom of Orel in the year 1254/4

Rygar became the first king of Orel after he waged a successful War of independence against the kingdom of Eldara.

The House of Alesard continued to rule Orel for 414 years and a total of sixteen monarchs sat upon the Gilded Throne in Castle Arianna.

The Alesard Dynasty ended in the year 371/5, when King Royce was slain in the Battle of Ekkryn Sound. It was succeeded by King Balthizar Xantheras.

The Alesard Monarchs of Orel

Rygar 1254-1269/4
Robar 1269-1287/4 †
Roderic 1287-1297/4, 1-26/5
Roland 26-42/5
Rygar II 42-70/5
Rand 70-93/5
Raquel 93-117/5
Alroth 117-158/5
Ragnar 158-179/5
Aricela 179-206/5
Roland II 206-225/5
Deveran 225-258/5
Ragnar II 258-295/5
Amroth 295-321/5
Deveran II 321-355/5
Royce 355-371/5 †