Home Plane: Athylon
Alignment: Lawful Good
Domains: Community, Good, Healing
Portfolio: Healing, Health, Life, Vitality
Worshipers Healers, Philosophers, Monks
Symbol: Chalice
Aleyssia is Corwyn’s Goddess of Healing, Medicine, and Restoration.

As one of the fourth generation of the the Malkar; Aleyssia is the daughter of Isilahr; the Goddess of Mercy. She is one of the youngest of the lawful deities, and along with her cousin Shua, has the most contact with mortal men.

Her symbol is a great crystal Chalice of pure water that represents the power of nature and its ability to heal the harms of the world.

Aleyssia'a followers wear white robes to symbolize her power to restore and heal the ailments of the world. Aleyssia’s followers are as kind and giving as their deity, and whenever need arises, lend aid to anyone sick or injured. Aleyssia has many temples and followers throughout the realms as her priests have much valuable knowledge about curing both injury and disease. Her main temple is located in the city of Elsareth, but there are smaller temples dedicated to her throughout the western realms.

These temples of healing and the priests that maintain them are essential to common folk of Corwyn for medicine and healing from both injury and disease. Aleyssia’s chief rival is the chaotic Goddess Freyj.