King Algerd Marothë

Algerd Marothë was one of the Seven Champions of the West who helped defeat Alokkair in the War of the Melanthir. He then went on to found the first Thalari Kingdom of Thalar.

King Algerd was the first holder of Peacemaker; one of the seven Melanthir swords, given to him by the Council of Sorcerë as a reward for his courage and leadership. Algerd founded the kingdom of Thalar in 27/4, and assumed the Crystal Throne. He also founded the twin cities of El-Gerath and Al-Enoth in the northern part of his realm, and chose the ancient elvish fortress of Sol-Kathad as his citadel.

Algerd was the first monarch of the Marothë Dynasty. The surname "Marothë " was given to King Algerd by the Council of Sorcerë; it means "Hailing from the Snow" in elvish.