King Algerd Baranov

Algerd Baranov was one of the "Seven Champions" who defeated Alokkair in the War of the Elanthir. He then went on to found Thalar; the first Thaldain Kingdom on Corwyn.

King Algerd was the first holder of Peacemaker; one of the seven Elanthir swords, which was given to him by the Council of Sorcerë, as a reward for his courageous service during the War against Alokkair.

In the year 27/4, Algerd founded Thalar and its capital city of Al-Enoth. He later ordered a grand fortress built within the that city called "Frosthaven." Within its Great Hall was the the famous "Crystal Throne."

Algerd hailed from the Sköda ethnic group, and his descendants continued to rule the Kingdom for many centuries.