Duke Algor Enzadi

Algor Enzadi is a powerful Ralani aristocrat who currently rules the Serathian city of Saltmarsh.

Lord Algor, who lives in the impenetrable fortress of Castle Argent, is considered a harsh ruler and is both feared and despised by his subjects. It is well-known, the duke lusts to one day be King of Serathyr. He constantly schemes with his fellow nobles and courtiers.

House Enzadi

The Enzadis are one of the most ancient, wealthy, and powerful Ralani families.

Lord Bryce Enzadi; its founding patriarch, was a loyal ally to King Damron Hansafar, which assured his family a long and secure position in the Kingdom.

Today, House Enzadi is one of the most influential families at the Royal Court in Rastios. The family's closeness to the Emerald Throne, causes them to be both feared and respected by other Serathian nobles.