Duke Algrim Pentathar

Algrim Pentathar is a powerful Iskari noble and current ruler of the city of Cyrenica.

Algrim is fiercely loyal to the monarchy in Wyn Falas, and he is keenly aware of the Vaas and Cynaran ethnic minorities in his city. He is well aware that the Pentathar family was chosen mainly for their loyalty, and knows well the fate of previous noble families who ruled this city that rebelled against the Onyx Throne.

Algrim keeps the peace in Cyrenica by being fair and just and trying not to show favoritism to the Iskari nobles at the expense of the local population.

House of Pentathar

The noble family of Pentathar is one of oldest in the kingdom of Cyrendar, with a lineage that goes "Back to the Boats," as the Iskari proverb says. In fact, Lord Idris Pentathar; the family Patriarch, was one of King Ilnavel's most trusted Captains during the Forty-Years War, and one of his daughters was later married to one of the King's sons.

In the Year 1068/4, The city of Cyrenica was ruled by Teraxas Strongfist, who along with the Dukes of Hennara and Varia, rebelled against the Kingdom of Cyrendar, in what became know as the Iskari Civil War. After the rebels were defeated by the crown, the Duchy of Cynara was broken into three smaller duchies; Cynara, Deroshar, & Silverdeep, and the ruling House of Strongfist was destroyed. As a reward for his bravery during the conflict; King Ikharos Blackburn anointed Lord Ironel Pentathar the new Duke of Cynara; a position the family has held ever since 1087/4.

For thousands of years, this ancient Iskari family has loyally served the Onyx Throne.