Emirate of Al'Kethai

Capitol: Azoria (population: 72,000)
Population: 1,333,000 (73% Eloysian, 11% Hakeen, 8% Thannish, 6% Daroon, 2% other races)
Demi-humans: 75,000: (70% dwarves, 15% elves, 10% gnomes, 5% other)
Humanoids: few
Government: Monarchy
Current Leader: Amir Ekkros Dinah
Coat of Arms: a golden mermaid on a green and blue field
Exports: diamonds, gems, lumber, and fish

Located on the Vhan Myr Ocean only a few hundred miles off the east coast of Avokhar, this island chain of one very large, and seventeen small islands is home to a large Eloysian civilization that was once part of the Eloysian Empire. Al’Kethai is a populous island chain that was originally colonized by the Eloysian Empire as a stopover between the Seven Cities of Brass and the Continent of Za'Har. Soon the discovery of great deposits of diamonds, precious gems, and huge natural forests of rare timber made the small island nation grow into a great and prosperous civilization all its own.

The capitol of Al’Kethai is the bustling seaport of Azoria, and its native peoples are commonly called Azorians. The people of Al’Kethai trade regularly with the Seven Cities of Brass, the Free City of Quelaara, and the Corwyn nations of Eldara, Thûle, Orel, and Yamada. Over the centuries, the Thannish peoples have traded here, and many came to love the climate and beauty of the islands and moved here. Many humans of Daroon and Thannish descent, as well as many dwarves, came to work the deep diamond mines located on the islands' interiors. Today, there is a sizeable racial minority of both Thannish and Daroon living here.

Al’Kethai exports her diamonds, gems, lumber, and fish; in return she imports grain, gold, silver, spices, and whale oil. To protect the island nation, The Amir of Al’Kethai maintains a large and powerful navy of 27 warships as well as a standing army of over 7,000 soldiers, and can call up another 30,000 in time of war. The ships of Al’Kethai are distinguishable by their golden teakwood hulls, their bright yellow silk sails, and their famous blue and green banners depicting a golden mermaid.



Al'Kethai was a once thriving, independent island civilization until the year AR 53, when it was conquered after a large invasion led by Emperor Zathros. After the island was conquered, the city became an imperial province of Eloysian Empire and remained so for nearly two millennia. For the next two-thousands years, The island nation and its citizens were ruled by a appointed Eloysian governors called Hamanids, appointed by the Emperors in Sanjakar.