Emirate of Al'Kethai

Capital: Azoria (population: 72,000)
Population: 1,333,000 (73% Eloysian, 11% Hakeen, 8% Thannish, 6% Daroon, 2% other races)
Demi-humans: 75,000: (70% dwarves, 15% elves, 10% gnomes, 5% other)
Humanoids: few
Government: Monarchy
Current Leader: Emir Ekkros Dinah
Coat of Arms: a golden mermaid on a green and blue field
Exports: diamonds, gems, lumber

Located on the Azorian Islands, only a few hundred miles off the Bronze Coast of Avokhar, Al’Kethai is an ancient and powerful island nation, that was once part of the Eloysian Empire. The Emirate is best known for its rich exports of diamonds, gems, and rare timber.

Long ago, Al’Kethai was conquered by the Eloysian Empire, whose greedy Emperors desired the great deposits of diamonds, precious gems, and huge natural forests of rare timber that make up that largest exports from these islands. At that time, the island was easy to invade because of its close proximity to the eastern coast of Avokhar.

The capital of Al’Kethai is the bustling seaport of Azoria, and its native peoples are commonly called Azorians. The people of Al’Kethai trade regularly with the Seven Cities of Bronze, the Free City of Quelaara, and the Corwyn nations of Eldara, Thûle, Orel, and Yamada. Over the centuries, the Thannish peoples have traded here, and many came to love the climate and beauty of the islands and moved here.

Many humans of the Daroon and Thannish races, as well as many dwarves, came to work the deep diamond mines located on the islands' interiors. Today, there is a sizeable ethnic minority of both Thannish and Daroon located here.

Al’Kethai exports her diamonds, gems, lumber, and fish; in return she imports grain, gold, silver, spices, and whale oil. To protect the island nation, The Emir of Al’Kethai maintains a large and powerful navy of 27 warships as well as a standing army of over 7,000 soldiers, and can call up another 30,000 in time of war. The ships of Al’Kethai are distinguishable by their golden teakwood hulls, their bright yellow silk sails, and their blue and green banners depicting a golden mermaid.


Local History

The Azorian Islands were discovered by the Eloysians nearly 4,000 years ago. The islands were first ruled by a noblewoman named Azoria N'hassi, and following her death, the islands were named for her.

Local legend has it; Azoria did not die a mortal death, but magically transformed herself into a mermaid and still lives beneath the waves in a fabulous palace of coral and stone.

For many years, the Azorian Islands were known only for their exotic beauty and good fishing, but the discovery of local deposits of diamonds and emeralds changed the small colony of Al'Kethai almost overnight.

Within a few decades, Al'Kethai became a thriving, independent civilization that grew in wealth and size because of its diamonds and emerald trade. That wealth was coveted by the Emperor Zathros of the Eloysian Empire, who ordered an invasion of the Azorian Islands in the year AR 53.

After the nation was conquered, it became an imperial province of the Eloysian Empire and remained so for the next two-thousand years. During this period, the island nation was harshly ruled by a series of Hamanid governors, appointed by the Emperors in Sanjakar.

After the fall of the Eloysian Empire, Al'Kethai declared its independence once again, and has remained so ever since.

Wars with Al'Than E'Thai

For the last several centuries, Al'Kethai has had dozens of skirmishes and several major wars with the City-State of Al'Than E'Thai.

These conflicts have usually come about over slaving raids on the island or contested sea-trade routes. Neither side has ever been able to achieve a distinct advantage over the other, resulting in a series of bloody stalemates.