A Father & Son Chat....

Behind the Game

Once inside Taskerhill Manor, Viselys knocked softly on the door to his Father's bedchamber. THe door opened and the two men embraced warmly, "Well met, Father. How goes it with you? I assume by now you have heard that I requested leave from my duties at Cudgel Watch to assist Lady Lavinia Vanderboren?"

"Viselys, I have heard al lthat and more," Viktor responded warmly, "Word on the street is that you helped bring down the Lotus Dragons. I couldn't be more proud, son."

His father contiuned, "I hope you are still able to enjoy the Wyrmfall Festival."

"Sadly, no. I am searching for Vanthus Vanderboren." Viselys replied. He then recounted all the events at Kraken's Cove, the street ambush, and the attack on Vanderboren Manor. He also included Tara's information about who had paid her to kill them.

Viktor Mortaum listened gravely, "I have never trusted House Kellani. But to hire assassins is beyond my imagination. If indeed true, the Dawn Council must be informed at once."

Viselys watched his father, as he pondered the evidence, then Viktor continued, "You know, I've always had an ill feeling about that Helena Kellani. I heard from several sources she may have been mixed up with the Crimson Fleet at one time."

Viselys then continued, "I believe Helena hired the assassins, but it seems Rowyn Kellani was the actual leader of the Lotus Dragons." He then handed over the maps and scrolls found in the thieves' hideout beneath the taxidermy shop.

Viktor eyed his son warily, "so, what is your next move?"

"Well, I am bit at a crossroads here, father," Viselys stated, "Lady Vanderboren has a desire to travel to her family's colony on the Isle of Dread. I feel like it is my duty ot protect her, Father.

Besides if I give her an oath of service on this trip like grandfather did to the Taskerhills, it will only show my competence to Lord Kalmadar when it comes time for me to take your post. Having a noble house like the Vanderboren's speak positively about me will also help the credibility of the Cudgel District Guard as well." He younger man paused, "I will not go, however, without your blessing."


Viktor smiled warmly, "My son, you've always had a strong sense of honor. If you feel it is your duty to follow through on this journey, I am certain it is the right choice. You will be missed. I wish you luck on your honorable journey, my son."

"You have taught me about the importance of honor, Father." Viselys said earnestly. He then paused uncomfortably and looked down at his feet, before continuing, "I am somewhat reluctant to bring this up, but I wanted to let you know of a ludicrous rumor that I have come across." Viselys paused for a moment, then continued, "A man by the name of Adameus, or "Idae," claims to share our family name. Furthermore, someone scrawled "we are brothers" on a board in the Lotus Dragon's hideout.

Before his father could say a word, Viselys continued, "This is really quite silly. Idae is one step from a street urchin, and looks nothing like a Mortaum. It must be a mistake. What would those murderers care what name a man carries as long as their throat was slit." Viselys said, rambling, he then tried to change the subject, "You know what father? Never mind, Idae is nothing more than a Shadowshore thief. It's ludicrous, an attempt to smear our family name and honor." Viselys' tone changed to anger, "For that, I will arrest or bring vengeance on every Kellani in Sasserine, Father. To this I swear!"

"You know, son…" Viktor began, then paused, but under his breath, he said to himself, "Now is not the time for him to know."

Viktor shook his head, and made a sharp gesture with his fist, "House Kellani will pay for what they've done to us…and to Sasserine."

Viselys turned and saluted his father, "Father, I must now take my leave, I sail on the Sea Wyvern with the morning tide. We sail for the Isle of Dread to uncover the mystery of this 'Savage Tide' we have been hearing so much about.

As he walked down the street, Viktor called out softly to his son, "We will speak more about Adameus when we meet again, I promise."

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