First and foremost of the great enemies of the West, Alokkair was an extremely powerful Gauth sorcerer, who rose to prominence in the Second Age during the War of Wrath. Alokkair was known by many titles: the "Lich-King" of Adar", "the Deceiver," "the Pretender," and the "Wolf-Lord." Alokkair rose against the West three times, before his destruction in the year 1297/4.


For much of his life, Alokkair was a Gauth sorcerer and a talented acolyte of the Dark-Elves. Trained in the arcane arts by the Dark-Elves, Alokkair soon became a powerful mage in his own right. When the War of Wrath ended, and the Dark-Elves were driven beneath the surface, Alokkair swore revenge on those who had defeated his masters. Using his ever-increasing magical powers, Alokkair wandered the East for many years, dominating local tribes of orcs and humans he happened upon.


As his powers grew, Alokkair soon set his eye upon the fortress of Erôn-Mystarë; the citadel of the Council of Sorcerë. In the year 252/3, Alokkair gathered a great host of Gauth and orc soldiers and began the Gauth War. He soon attempted to capture the fortress of the Saar Council, but was defeated in the fierce battle of Orgorod. During that great battle, the Saar council was aided by the races of dwarves and elves, as well as seven races of men. Alokkair’s army was completely annihilated and he was believed slain for many years. It was for this defeat that Alokkair swore to destroy both the northern dwarves and the Wood-Elves.

Alokkair was believed to have been slain at Orgorod in 252/3, but it was not the case. He remained in hiding for many years, while re-building his powers. For a while, he dwelt at the fortress of Erôn-Mored, and plotted against the powers of the West who had defeated him. He hated the Saar, the elves, and dwarves for his earlier defeats.


By the end of the Third Age, Alokkair had amassed a huge army; including orcs, eastern barbarian men, and large numbers of Gauth warriors. His armies invaded the West in 1175/3 in what became known as the War of the Elanthir. But Alokkair had not counted on the Council of Sorcerë, who had foreseen his actions and given each of the Seven Champions of the West a Elanthir sword to defeat his eastern hordes. At the Battle of Thürdrum in 1179/3, Alokkair’s armies were defeated by the First Alliance and he was taken prisoner by the Rynnish prince Eradan Myrnäe.


Alokkair was not a prisoner long; he soon forged a plot to free himself from the dungeons of Castle Myrdon. In the year 236/4, he secretly had King Elmar Myrnäe’s daughter Aranmë murdered, and then bargained for his freedom in return for restoring her life.

Alokkair was released, but in return he restored Princess Aranmë as a cursed being, who soon murdered both her parents as a heinous parting gift. Alokkair soon ventured back into the East and bided his time.

Around this same time, the Kingdom of Adar began to to decay; beset with corruption and internal strife. In the disguise the guise of a Gauth sorcerer named "Pyritas," Alokkair befriended King Markov Penrose. He then used his powers to bring Markov a series of huge victories in the War of the False Spring, which greatly expanded the power of Adar.


Alokkair had his own ambitions, though. He secretly plotted to overthrow the Adari monarchy, take the throne of Adar for himself, and then use the power of that kingdom to destroy the West and avenge his earlier defeat and imprisonment. Soon, Alokkair wrested control over the kingdom of Adar, which by 440/4, became known as the Realm of the Wolf.

By the end of the Fourth Age, Alokkair had destroyed or weakened the kingdoms of Thalar, Iskandar, Eldara, Rhodara, Thekarë, and Kronar, using both warfare and treachery.


Finally, in 1293/4, Alokkair again invaded the West, beginning the War of the Pretender. At that time, the West was weak and divided. Most people believed no one could withstand the second eastern onslaught. But the West endured, and the Second Alliance finally defeated Alokkair’s armies at the Battle of the Dawn in 1297/4. Alokkair himself was slain at the hands of King Eromir Myrnäe III during that same battle, who then took Alokkair’s sword (believed to be the actual Sword of Akhmahra) back to Castle Myrdon as a war prize.


After Alokkair was destroyed by King Eromir at the Battle of the Dawn, many thought the threat had finally ended, but Alokkair's spirit remained; embodied in his nine apprentices. These nine un-dead wizards were the infamous Lich-Lords, who then scattered throughout Corwyn; spreading fear, death, and destruction wherever they went.