Battle of Alordan

(695/6) Alordan was the site of a bloody battle between Serathyr and the Corsairs of Tar Vielca, during the early days of the Second War of the Saltmarsh.

The Corsair fleet launched a series of large coastal raids near the village of Alordan, landing more than 5,000 raiders ashore.

King Arondel Sinclair, badly underestimating their strength, personally led a force to drive them off. Unfortunately, the Serathians were outmatched and King Arondel and over 2,000 of his soldiers were killed that day.

Although the Serathians were defeated, King Arondel slain, and his dynasty ended; this battle was a turning point in the war. Soon after, a brilliant young noble named Damron Hansafar succeeded the Dragon Throne and learned from his predecessor's mistakes.

King Damron went on to lead the Serathians and their allies in a string of decisive victories that ultimately won the war and ended the threat of the Corsairs for over a century.