City-State of Al' Than E' Thai

Capital: Al’Than E’Thai
Total Population: 147,000 (89% Eloysian, 7% Hakeen, 4% other)
City Population: 128,000 (living within the walls)
Current Leader: Shah Aleri Neroon
Coat of Arms: silver unicorn on a dark green field
Exports: slaves, fragrances, textiles, timber, ceramics

Located along the Bronze Coast of Azoria, south of Xhaarata and north of Dhal Viera, the City-State of Al' Than E' Thai is one of the legendary Seven Cities of Bronze.

Situated along the banks of the Emerald River, Al' Than E' Thai was once part of the great Eloysian Empire, but is now a powerful and fully independent city-state. It is the fourth-largest of the seven coastal city-states, and competes with its neighbors on the Bronze Coast for market share in trade.

Sadly, Al’Than E’Thai's largest export is slaves, but the city markets also sell fragrances, textiles, timber and fine ceramics. For protection, the city maintains a large navy of 15 warships and a standing army of 3,000 soldiers, but can call up as many as 10,000 in time of war.

The city-state of Al’ Than E’ Thai is currently governed by Shah Aleri Neroon; a somewhat cruel and capricious ruler.

Local History

In a ten year period between 359 and 369/4 (AR -64 to AR -54), King Axilar Sanborn of Ralas sailed all the way around the continent of Azoria, stopping at all Seven Cities along the Bronze Coast, and befriending the Eloysians who dwelt there. The seven visits were recorded in his journal, and tell of the wonders of Eloysian culture and magic Axilar encountered on his journey,and the deep friendships he made with the various rulers of the seven city-states. His fourth visit was with Caliph Delario Al-Sid; who was then the Ruler of Al' Than E' Thai. The two rulers became great friends and a treaty was signed with mutually beneficial terms for trade between the two nations.

When the Kingdom of Eloysia began growing in power and influence, its kings began to demand tribute from all Seven Cities. After the death of King Tilvanos, the various rulers of the seven cities refused to pay these tributes, and openly defied Queen Lorica.

Once her son Al'Dur assumed the Jade Throne and declared himself Emperor, everything changed. He began a brilliant series of military campaigns to defeat the seven cities; appropriately named the Seven Glorious Conquests. The City-State of Al' Than E' Thai was the target of Al'Dur's fourth campaign. The Eloysian armies invaded its territory in the year AR 23 and the City-State was soon defeated and captured in the year AR 25.

For nearly two millennia afterward, the city was harshly ruled by Hamanids sent from Sanjakar, and only became fully independent again when the empire collapsed in AR 2079.


Wars with Al'Kethai

For the last several centuries, the City-State of Al'Than E'Thai has had dozens of skirmishes and several major wars with the island nation of Al'Kethai. These wars have usually come about over slaving raids on the island or contested sea-trade routes. Neither side has ever been able to achieve a distinct advantage over the other, resulting in a series of bloody stalemates.