Capitol: Alenthas (population: 84,000)
Population: 1,875,000 (93% Aeryn, 5% Amari, 2% other)
Demi-humans: 83,000 (30% dwarves, 35% elves, 10% halflings, 25% gnomes)
Humanoids: few
Government: Monarchy (currently ruled by the Alomir Dynasty)
Current Leader: King Galadren Alomir IV (LG 16th level aristocrat\7th level fighter)
Coat of Arms: a red and yellow sunburst over a quartered blue and white field
Exports: stone, gold, grain, herbs, cloth

The first united Aeryn nation and the first of seven western kingdom founded by the seven Champions. The Kingdom of Alveron was founded in 7/4 by King Eradan Myrnäe after the First Alliance’s victory over Alokkair during the War of the Melanthir. The kingdom is centrally located in the Moors, west of the Saugreth-Muir. Alveron's eastern border with the Borderlands is the River Cyr; its western border with Erindar is the Anglarand River, its northern border with Ammarind is the Amari River; and its southern borders with Orel are the Trusk Mountains.

The capitol of Alveron is the huge city of Alenthas, and within that great city is the formidable royal fortress of Castle Myrdon. Politically, Alveron is divided into 24 Duchies and 207 Baronies. No other nation holds as much influence, or is a stalwart champion for good causes as this kingdom. Alveron is best known as the ‘defender of the West.’ The country has proven that motto on many occasions, and is thee central obstacle that has continually thwarted Sorimmar’s plan to conquer the West. As the principle defender of the West, Alveron maintains a large standing army of 17,000 troops, but in time of war can field up to nearly 120,000 through conscription and noble contingents.

The kingdom is the first line of defense against an eastern invasion, so it has many fortifications including, Castle Cräe, Castle Dunhaven, Castle Kraag, Anderlyn Keep, Kelburn Keep, Tregard Keep, and Westgard Keep. The major cities of Alveron are: Alathar, Anderlyn, Elsidar, Holt, Kelburn, and Marigold. The coat of arms of Alveron consists of a red and yellow sunburst over a quartered blue and white field. For 1,915 years, Alveron was ruled by the Myrnäe Dynasty, and sixty-three kings sat upon the royal throne in Castle Myrdon. King Elgor Myrnäe II of Alveron was father to the Immortal Empress Ravinia, and later died during the Unification Wars to ensure her place on the Raven Throne.

Alveron was a vital province of the Ravinian Empire during the Imperial period. In fact Castle Myrdon was expanded and rebuilt under the Empire and became the Imperial Palace and home to the imperial Raven Throne for over 600 years. The kingdom collapsed, along with the Ravinian Empire during the Cataclysm in 625/5, but was rebuilt by King Myonen Alomir, whose descendants still rule the kingdom of Alveron today. Throughout the entire Sixth Age, Alveron has kept the evil of the East at bay, and, even today, the kingdom is the mightiest military power and stalwart defender of freedom in the West.



Most Rynnish folk are farmers or stonemasons. The economy is driven by the large stone quarries in the country, as well as her fertile farmlands. Other sources of wealth include rich gold mines, and a well-respected armor-making industry. Other sources of wealth include several large timberlands which yield a prosperous lumber trade.


Kingswood: large woodland region in central Alveron, the forest runs south slightly past the Kingsway road, near the city of Anderlyn. The forest is named for the kings of Alveron who owned the lands originally.

Moss Hills: small hilly region in northern Alveron, known for its rugged hills covered with heavy vines and mosses. The area is sparsely populated and barely traversable. The Cordova Road passes through these hills on its route between the cities of Gresham and Atharavon.

Shady Forest: large woodland region in the realm of Alveron. This forest is not as large as the Kingswood, but is quite dense and overgrown. Because the trees are so close together, little sunlight penetrates to the ground, thus the name. The Shady Forest is northeast of the Kingswood. There is a large gnomish colony deep within these woods, although much of it lies under the surface.

Whisperwood: large forest in the realm of Alveron. The wooded region is said to be enchanted and soft strange voices are said to emanate from it at certain times. The forest is patrolled by the Grey Watchers and is thought to be sparsely inhabited, except for scattered settlements of Wood-Elves and fairy folk.



Alathar: (population: 15,000) mixed elvish and human trading town on the east banks of the Anglarand River, near the northern edge of the [Melinar Forest. The town sits on the border Alveron and Melinarë; so many humans and elves come here to trade.

Alenthas: (population: 84,000) capitol city of Alveron, built upon the site of the former city of Arynäe, the capitol of the Ravinian Empire. Alenthas is the largest city of the West, and its cultural center. Alenthas is currently governed by Duke Edrenn Cräe.

Anderlyn: (population: 26,000) important trading center and fourth largest city in Alveron, located in the central region of the kingdom. The city is currently governed by Duke Ectovar Morrë.

Baryn Valley: site of a brutal battle fought in 35/5 during the Unification Wars, between the forces of the kingdom of Alveron and a large army of orcs.

Border Road: Road that runs south from the Rynnish capitol of Alenthas to Westgard Keep, where it intersects with the Stoneway leading to Gwynne, and the Oramar Road to Orel.

Castle Cräe: large fortress located at the junction of the River Cyr, as it branches east and west. The castle is home to the second most powerful noble family in the kingdom of Alveron, outside the Royal House of Alomir. The Cräe family had their castle built in the early Sixth Age, and it serves as a northern stronghold of the realm of Alveron.

Castle Kraag: large fortress located in the western region of the Kingdom of Alveron, on the Kingsway, halfway between the cities of Elsidar and Anderlyn. The castle was built by the Ravinian Empire in the Fifth Age, and serves Alveron as an important western garrison and supply post for allied armies moving east along the Kingsway in time of war.

Castle Myrdon: Located on a broad hill in the center of the city of Alenthas, this greatest of Corwyn’s western castles was once the Imperial Palace of Empress Ravinia.

Corrensyr: Site of a battle in 610/5, between the Ravinian Empire and a large army of orcs sent by Sorimmar.


East Road: (Sorcerer’s Road) this road of paved black cinders runs east from the City of Alenthas through the Borderlands, past Vanguard Keep, to the mountain fortress of the Salkröth.

Elsidar: (population: 33,000) third largest city in the realm of Alveron, located in the western-most region of the kingdom along the eastern banks of the Anglarand River. Elsidar is governed by Duke Harwin Kofaro.

Kelburn: (population: 21,000) the fifth largest city in Alveron, located along a western branch of the River Cyr, northwest of Alenthas. Kelburn is governed by Duke Calen Northorn.

Kelburn Keep: Large fortress guarding the entrance to the city of Kelburn, built in the late Sixth Age by the kingdom of Alveron. The keep is located on a hill south of the city and guards the Cyr River crossing and the Amar Road to the Ammarindi city of Atharavon.

Kelburn Road: road that runs southwest from the Rynnish city of Kelburn to the city of Anderlyn, where it intersects the Kingsway.

Raven Throne: the name of the royal seat of the kingdom of Alveron and the Ravinian Empire. The Raven Throne is located under the Imperial Dome, within the fortress of Castle Myrdon.

Westburg: (population: 6,000) large town located in a small mountain valley of the Trusk Mountains.

Westgard Keep: crucial southern border outpost of Alveron, located at the important junction of the Stoneway, the Rin Falar Road, and the Border Road. The keep is commanded by Baron Zoren Kildare.



The realm of Alveron was rebuilt in the early Sixth Age by Lord Myonen Alomir; a hero of the War of the Cataclysm and the senior surviving Rynnish noble at its conclusion. Under King Myonen and his descendants, the Alomir Dynasty has ruled the kingdom up through the present day. Alenthas; the capitol city of Alveron was once the Imperial Ravinian capitol city of Arynäe, which was destroyed during the war as well. The Alomir Dynasty slowly rebuilt the realm into a great power over the Sixth Age, and had always upheld Myonen’s dying decree that his kingdom would be the ‘Defender of the West.’ The lands of Alveron are so strongly associated with the King Myonen that they are sometimes called Myodeth; meaning ‘Lands of Myonen’ in the Rynnish tongue. Because of Myonen’s mandate, the Rynnish kings have always kept a strong military at their disposal, and have strongly garrisoned the eastern outposts in the Borderlands for the same reason.


For the first few centuries of the Sixth Age, the Rynnish held to their ideals and fortified their outposts and kept vigil on the East, but as time went on, their level of attention slackened. By 652/6, the Salkröth battlement guarding the main passage through the Saugreth-Muir fell into disrepair, and by 665/6 Sorimmar’s orcs had captured it, killing King Thelodren and his son Koradren in the process. Between 670-674/6, Alveron was a key player in the War of Crows, and her armies drove Sorimmar’s orcs from the West in the Battle of Krell. Alveron again went to war in 952/6, entering the War of the Forgotten King on the side of Ammarind against both Erindar and Elyria. Alveron came to the aid of her ally Valdor in 1089/6, during the War of Three Kings, and defeated the Janäedrans. Alveron again defeated the Janäedrans in 1237/6, for the same reason. Most recently, Alveron has entered the Morgoth War on a bad note. At the Battle of Orso last year, her southern army was nearly annihilated and now another eastern invasion by Sorimmar’s orc legions seems certain.