Lost Kingdom of Amar

The Lost Kingdom of Amar was the first united Amari nation on Corwyn, located in the Northlands of Corwyn.

The kingdom of Amar was founded in 15/4 by King Edric Garigan; who was one of seven men to received a Melanthir sword from the Council of Sorcere. Amar was then ruled by the Garigan Dynasty until 1297/4, then it was ruled by the Karston Dynasty from 1297/4 to 621/5, then it was ruled by the Kilräen Dynasty from 621/5, until the kingdom united with a large group of exiled Erindari nobles to become the realm of Ammarind in 426/6.

The largest cities of the kingdom of Amar were Amara, Atharavon, and Durfast. Amar’s coat of arms consisted of a halved field of black and alternating yellow/red diagonal stripes, with a white crescent moon and yellow sun on the black half. The realm of Amar was wealthy and powerful, and was the by far, the greatest Fourth Age power in the Northlands. The Amari kings were ever greedy and ambitious, and were not satisfied with what they had. It was this greed for more land and wealth that, in the year 232/4, prompted King Osric to ultimately found a sister-kingdom of Adar in the East.


Ironically, it was the creation of this eastern colony kingdom that led to the rise of Alokkair and the destruction of the Garigan Dynasty during the War of the Pretender in 1297/4. During the Ravinian period, Amar remained a loyal vassal state to the Empire, and the country suffered horribly during the Cataclysm. Amar was rebuilt by King Vhäerik Kilräen after the Cataclysm, and began to thrive once again. After the bloody Halberon Uprising, many nobles of Erindar joined with the kingdom of Amar under King Rodrik Kilräen II to form the new kingdom of Ammarind in 426/6. The kingdom of Amar encompassed the territories of what are today the realm of Ammarind and the Pale.