(population: 54,000) Located along the western shores of the Athlan Myr, Amara is the largest city in the kingdom of Ammarind.

Like most Ammarindi cities, Amara has high walls and a powerful army garrison to protect its population.

Because Amara is the largest seaport on the Athlan Myr, its harbor is always clogged with barges travelling to and from the neighboring city of Durfast.

On land, Amara is also accessible via the High Road, which runs between Athos-Sorel and Durfast. This roadway is seldom used, for the water-route is much faster.

The city is currently governed by Duke Asric Grenhill.

Local History

Amara traces its history back to the Third Age, when it was a small settlement founded by the Amarazi, a Rynnish ethnic group. Over time the settlement grew into a large, thriving city, which itself became the capital of the "City-State of Amara."

By the early Fourth Age, the peoples of the city and the surrounding region came be called the "Amari," and were led by a fierce warrior named Edric Garigan. Edric answered the call of the Council of Sorcerë and fought against Alokkair in the War of the Elanthir. As a reward, he was granted one of the famed Elanthir. He then founded the "Kingdom of Amar."

During this period, Amara grew immensely as the largest Amari city.

By the Sixth Age, following the events of the Halberon Uprising, many Vaas nobles were exiled into the region, and King Rodrik Kilräen II forged the new kingdom called "Ammarind." Since that time, the city has continued to grow and prosper.