Lady Amarei Baranthyr

Amarei Baranthyr was the beautiful wife of Alaron Baranthyr, whose sexual assault triggered the War of the Celadon and plunged Ralas into chaos.

In the year 551/6, Prince Drexel was accompanying a group of noble ladies on a spiritual pilgrimage to the hot springs of Celadon Forest, when he saw Lady Amarei already there. He pursued her and attempted to seduce her, but she refused him. In a fit of rage, the Prince forced himself on her in her tent. When word got back to Lord Alaron, he immediately confronted the prince and challenged him to single combat. A duel ensued and Drexel was killed fairly. But despite this, King Durendil II ordered Alaron arrested and his lands seized.

Alaron fled to Renthara and soon a great rebellion began called the War of the Celadon.