The Amari (Amaranti)

Sometimes referred to as the "Amaranti," the Amari are one of three ethnic subgroups of the Ryndar people.

In the mid-Third Age, the Amaranti people first arose from obscurity, and migrated into the region known today as the Kingdom of Ammarind. Once there, the Amaranti tribes founded several major settlements, including Amara and Atharavon.

Their people later consolidated their power into the ancient kingdom of Amar. Even though there was rivalry between the Amaranti people and the Amador people who populated the neighboring Kingdom of Alveron, there was little conflict between the groups. This was largely due to the language and customs the two groups shared.


Amari people are most known for their love of horses, and their exemplary riding skills. Amari think of themselves as inhabitants of a harsh and beautiful land ruled by spirits and rarely displayed the arrogance of other human ethnic groups. Children are expected to earn their place in the world, rather than having it handed to them, and they view life as a series of challenges to face and defeat.

They place a high value on individual accomplishment and physical strength. Elders are highly respected for their wisdom and guidance. Rogues are very uncommon as little value is placed in the accumulation of wealth. Formal schooling is not emphasized because of the strong warrior culture and a strong tradition of oral histories passed down by generations of local elders. However, all Amari nobles and most merchants are literate.


Amari usually speak a dialect of Rynnish as well as the common tongue.

Relations with other races

The Amari are close kindred with their cousins to the south who dwell in Alveron. However, there is a long history of hostility and mistrust between the Amari and the Thaldain; their northern neighbors. Over the centuries, the kingdoms of Ammarind and Marundi have fought several wars and countless skirmishes.


Amari Names

Common male names: Alaric, Aldric, Amrik, Andrik, Cedric, Cyric, Edric, Elric, Haldric, Khedric, Maladric, Rodrik, and Thorik

Common female names : Arianna, Azonia, Brianna, Dagmar, Ilvanna, Iskara, Lorelei, Renora, and Xenia