An-Arak; the First Pharaoh

An-Arak was the first Pharaoh of Shorafa, who, in the year 1077/2, united the rival Shorafi tribes together to forge a great Empire in the Sea of Sand.

After his forty-year military campaign had ended victoriously, An-Arak went on to build An-Khara; the greatest of Shorafi cities, which served as the capital of his vast desert Empire.

Within that city, An-Arak ordered construction of the opulent Palace of K'Nar Marom, and the magnificent Pyramid which would serve as his temple to the Sun-God.

After An-Arak's death, his descendants, known as the Kheferu Dynasty, ruled Shorafa for over 2,000 years from the Scarab Throne.


Legend has it; An-Arak was the chosen avatar of the Sun-God Marzok, who worked through him to build the greatest desert empire the world had ever seen.