(population: 55,000) Located on the banks of the Shorafa River, An-Khara is the capital of Vilzar,

known as the "Jewel of the Sea of Sand," this ancient, sprawling city was once part of the ancient empire of Shorafa, but is now a thriving Vilzari metropolis.

An-Khara grew in importance largely because of its strategic riverside location, which is the only major water source in the region.

Today, it is a city visited by few outsiders, but feared by many. It is a city ruled by fear, superstition, and abject poverty.



As the Vilzari Capitol, An-Khara is home to several important structures.

First and foremost of these landmarks is the great Pyramid of Velok, which is located in the city's Grand Plaza

This gargantuan step-pyramid dominates the entire city skyline and is covered in exquisite black marble, inscribed with many magical runes dedicated to the sacred Moon-Goddess of the Vilzari.

Many religious ceremonies are held here on a daily basis. Sadly, many of these ceremonies involve human sacrifices to appease the Vilzari Gods. These terrible ceremonies are carried out by a fanatical group of priests known as the Order of Venhazzi.

Another equally important structure is K'Nar Marom, the magnificent palace where the Kings and Queens of Vilzar have ruled for millennia.



Thousands of years ago, this city was the capital of the ancient empire of Shorafa. Under the rule of An-Arak; the First Pharaoh of the Kheferu Dynasty, the Shorafi people built this magnificent city and the great Pyramid within its center.

Today, much of the knowledge of that ancient culture has been lost.