Anfala Palace

The Anfala Palace was once a magnificent summer retreat for Empress Ravinia, and is now used by the ruling council of the theocracy of Derianor.

Located near the city of Elsareth, the palace was built in the early part of the Fifth Age for the empress as a retreat away from the harsh summer temperatures of the Moors. This beautiful and ornate palace lies on a large hill overlooking the city of Elsareth, and its location gives the palace excellent temperatures in the summer and fall months. The palace is currently used as the seat of the theocratic government of Derianor.


Long ago, the site of the Anfala Palace comprised a large wooden fort and palisade built by the Cynarans of Urland after they landed and conquered the nearby settlement of Amhorst.

Later, Queen Elsareth Van Arden ordered a great castle built on the same spot, called Castle Harloch. That castle was destroyed in the year 763/4, when the kingdom of Harloch fell to the Ravagers. The site remained a ruin until the early Fifth Age, when Empress Ravinia ordered her summer palace built on the site.