Anglarand River

The Anglarand is the second largest river on Corwyn, but is the busiest with regard to marine traffic.

The Anglarand river flows southeast out of the Axehead Mountains, past a huge waterfall and the dwarvish trading post of Helmsford.

It then flows southeast, serving as border between the Vast and the Kingdom of Erindar. The river then travels through the Steaming Marsh, before it wraps around the northern foothills of the Withered Mountains.

The river then turns south, going past the great Rynnish city of Marigold on its course into the great Melinar Forest. On its southern course, the river serves as the border between the kingdoms of Erindar and Alveron. The river then flows through the High-Elf realm of Melinarë and its capital of Astrakan, before emptying into the Sea of Ralas.

The northern course of the river is called the "River of the Dwarves" for its heavy dwarven-barge traffic between Helmsford and Marigold. Ironically, the southern course of this same river is called the "River of the Elves," because of the many elvish ships that traverse its southern course between Highforest and Marigold.

In terms of merchant traffic, the Anglarand River is, by far, the busiest river on Corwyn.