Anglarand River

Second largest river on Corwyn. The Anglarand river flows southeast out of the Axehead Mountains separating the Vast from the Kingdom of Erindar. As it flows thru northern Erindar, a large tributary called the Thryme River; which branches south past the capitol of Chelstad.

The river then wraps around the Withered Mountains and turns south into the great Melinar Forest. The river then flows through the High-Elf realm before emptying into the Sea of Ralas near the elvish seaport of Chambrai. This river is sometimes called the ‘River of the Elves,’ because of the many elvish barges that traverse its course from their forest realm. The river is usually choked with barges traversing back and forth between the Melinar Forest and Helmsford. This river is the also main trade route between elves of the South and dwarves of the North.