Margrave Angus Brevoy "Angus the Cruel"

Angus Brevoy was the last overlord of Redmark from the House of Brevoy, who was overthrown in the Redmark Rebellion of 423/6.

Angus was widely regarded as a tyrant, and was despised by the city's population. During his reign, Margrave Brevoy had many people imprisoned, tortured, and executed.

Angus was slain in 423/6, when a group of adventurers, led by Arcelor, infiltrated Castle Redmark and defeated him in battle.

After his death, the city declared itself a "Freehold." Redmark's new rulers were Arcelor the wizard and his assistant; Janus of the House of Norwald.

After Angus was overthrown, his few surviving family members were exiled west across the Iron Sea, when they took up residence in Cyrendar.