Anselm Dynasty

The current royal family of Elyria. The Anselm family descends from King Furion, who assumed the throne of Elyria in 1036/6, after the death of King Corbray Crannock II during the Tunston Uprising. The Dynasty had a very dark and sinister beginning. King Furion became king of Elyria thru murder and treachery (see: Night of the Red Knives). However, in the intervening years, later monarchs have tried to be more just. Unfortunately, the kingdom has always been victim to squabbling nobles, and never-ending intrigue and betrayal at the royal court. The Anselm family has ruled Elyria for 211 years and nine different monarchs have sat on the Darkwood Throne at Castle Krasdan.

The current Anselm monarch is King Farkas II.

The nine Anselm monarchs of Elyria are listed below:

Furion 1036-1066/6
Furohir 1066-1093/6
Farkas 1093-1106/6 †
Farris 1106-1120/6
Franken 1120-1153/6
Furion II 1153-1168/6
Ferenthar 1168-1199/6 †
Farlen 1199-1226/6
Farkas II 1226/6 -present