(population 4,000) Ansilay is a large fortified town that serves as the capitol of the Gwynnish freehold of Trevalia.

Ansilay is located along the Ansilay Road, deep within the Ansilay Valley. the town is a stopover point, mid-way between the cities of Kuldhûr to the north and Ashara to the south. The town was named after Lord Ansilay Trevalio; the founder of the original "Barony of Bloodstone."


Long before the present settlement of Ansilay existed, there was a dwarvish colony called Skörvos built in this very same location. Skörvos was a small dwarvish colony of Kronar; which was once located at the far-western edge of the Ansilay Valley.

After the fall of Krone Feyr, the colony was overrun by orcs and destroyed. It remained vacant for many centuries until the ruins were taken over by Gwynnish colonists led by Devan Trevalio; who re-named the settlement Ansilay.