Ansilay Road

Narrow paved road that runs north from the Gwynnish capitol city of Ashara, across the Salakrün Mountains through Waymeet Pass, and through the Bloodstone Gate. From there, the road continues north into the Ansilay Valley, along the Beamaris River until its reaches the shores of Lake Midal and its namesake city of Ansilay; the capitol of the Freehold of Trevalia.

From Ansilay, the road continues again north through the Dwarf-gate; then it continues north through Morovar Pass into the realm of Morgoth, while threading through the dangerous Kûrloth Marshes. Finally the road ends at a junction with the Marsh Road, east of the city of Kuldhûr. As the road winds its way along between the two fortifications at opposite ends of the Ansilay Valley, it is guarded by soldiers of Trevalia. Further north, the road is quite dangerous as it heads toward Morgoth.

The Road was built in the Fourth Age by the dwarves of Kronar, but is now maintained by men of the Freehold.