Ansilay Valley (Bloodstone Valley)

Ansilay Valley, commonly known as the "Bloodstone Valley," is a secluded mountain valley, located between the nations of Morgoth and Gwynne. The region is completely encircled by the towering Frostcrown Mountains.

Today, the entire valley is under the political control of the Freehold of Trevalia; a small colony state of Gwynne, run by the House of Trevalio; an ancient Thannish noble family.

The valley is significant for several reasons. First, it contains the only known entrance to the famous Bloodstone Mines of Kronar; however only the upper passages are still accessible today. Second, the valley has the only entrance to the ruins of Krone Feyr, Third the valley is the only known passage between the nations of Morgoth and Gwynne.

The Ansilay Road traverses the entire valley from north to south.

There are only three known entrances to the secluded Ansilay Valley: