Antero Alresian

Antero Alresian is the charming, yet mysterious Kendari Ambassador to Sasserine. His sprawling home is the Kendar Embassy, located in the Champions District.

Lord Antero has gained much local acclaim for spending lavishly on public-works projects to improve the city, and giving generously to local charities. However, memories of the Uprising and past Kendari atrocities committed during Kendar's occupation are still fresh. Many rumors abound that the Embassy is nothing more than a front used by the Kendari to lull Sasserine into a false sense of security for an upcoming assault from the sea, that will land the city back in chains for another century.

The Kendar Embassy:

Located just off the bustling, open City Market in the Champion's District of Sasserine, this large, walled compound was built long ago. It was once home to a wealthy Kendari merchant family, but was burned to the ground during the Uprising, and its inhabitants slaughtered. A few years ago, the ruined estate was re-acquired and extensively rebuilt by the Kendarum. Inside the grey, stone walls that encircle the compound is a large, lavish mansion, along with stables and a small out-building for servant's quarters. The Mansion is currently the home of Antero Alresian and his family. His small retainer of servants and guards live in the out-building.

To the chagrin of many Sasserine citizens, atop the spire of the mansion's tallest tower flutters the banner of Kendar; a red dragon on a sable field.