Capital: Starfall (pop: 8,000)
Population: 150,000 (99% Grey-Elves, 1% other)
Humanoids: few
Government: Monarchy
Current Leaders: Queen Myrani Elejar, assisted by the Synfari (13-member council of wizards)
Coat of Arms: a gold tree under a comet and two stars upon a white field.
Exports: elvish crafts, elixirs, potions, scrolls
Imports: Grain, livestock, Wine, gold, silver, coal

(pronunciation: Ann-Thar-ray) Located deep within the dense Vesarivon Forest on an Island of the same name, Antharë is the realm of the mysterious and reclusive Grey-Elves of Corwyn.

Antharë is an enclave, a place of quiet reflection, and a private sanctuary for the Grey-Elves, far-away from all other races and the evils of the outside world. Antharë is the most mysterious region on Corwyn; as it is forbidden for any outsiders to enter, upon fear of death.

The Grey-Elves of Antharë are ruled by a 13-member ruling council of the Synfari; a council of elven wizards. The other races of Corwyn know very little of these "Grey-Elves," and most folk have never even seen one. Even the other elvish races feel that Grey-Elves are aloof, arrogant, and secretive. There is some trade along the coasts of Antharë, but practically none overland.

The closest human outpost to this realm is Eryn Kahai; a small independent freehold, located on the eastern coast of Vesarivon Isle. THe only access is the small seaport of Qualar. This freehold was founded by the Grey-Elves of Antharë and serves a vital function as a buffer between those elves and the other races living nearby.

The freehold has a mixed population that is ruled by an autonomous council, but with one caveat. The freehold guards the border to the Grey-Elves sanctuary. Their soldiers, rangers, and scouts patrol the borders of Antharë to ensure that no intruders get into the Vesarivon Forest.


It is not known if any of the folk of Eryn Kahai have ever ventured within the woodland, but they guard it quite zealously. The freehold maintains a strong force of nearly 1,000 rangers, scouts, and soldiers to protect the sacred lands of Antharë. These troops are made up of Grey-Elves, and Wood-Elves.

The freehold’s military forces are augmented by powerful magical items given to them by the Grey-Elves, so they are nearly invincible. As for trade, the freehold sells many elvish crafts along its coastal borders, and freely buys and sells goods with the people of Iskandar and Serathyr.

Eryn Kahai’s coat of arms consists of a silver Thanatäe tree under a shooting star on a dark green field. The freehold of Eryn Kahai is ruled by a seven-member ruling council of Grey-Elf mages.

Local History

Sadly, the nation of Antharë was born out of a terrible tragedy which befell the Grey-Elves in the Year 884 of the Third Age. That year, a powerful earthquake known as the Great Rift tore apart the Elven nation of Wyntharë; leaving their cities in ruins and most of their folk either dead or horribly injured.

The elvish cities of Alarë and Wyn Falas, were reduced to rubble and the city Selunë was completely consumed by the sea. This tragedy caused the Grey-Elves of Wyntharë to become bitter and morose. The survivors began to yearn to return to their ancestral home of Eryn Norvë.

Over the centuries that followed, nearly all of the Grey-Elves of Wyntharë left the shores of Corwyn and sailed back west; never to return. The Grey-Elves were led across the Wyn Myr by King Ajathar Alessarë; who was a descendant of the Elf-kings of Ectharë, and the only son of Queen Ariel.

Within a few centuries, the Grey-Elves abandoned the entire region known today as Westvale Island. These former Elven lands eventually became home to the Iskari, who had sailed across the Wyn Myr from the Continent of Ikharos to escape the "Doom." By the early Fourth Age, the Iskari founded their own kingdom of Iskandar.

The few Grey-Elves who decided to remain, settled in the dense woodland of the Vesarivon Forest, on Vesarivon Isle and appointed the House of Elejar to rule over them.