Anwyn Arabani

Representing the Merchants District, Anwyn Arabani is the youngest member of Sasserine's Dawn Council.

Anwyn's father, Cyril Arabani was a great Hero of the Uprising of 1227, but died a few years ago from a fever. His daughter, Anwyn, who was only a child at the time, is now the only member of the Dawn Council who was not an active participant in the Uprising.

Anwyn herself is infamous throughout Sasserine society for her illicit romances, her lavish parties, and the constant gossip regarding her heritage. Many locals claim she has elven blood in her veins, even Arabani herself has boasted about her mother's "elvish" heritage. Despite these scandals, Lady Arabani remains the most alluring and sought-after, noble-woman in all of Sasserine.

House Arabani

Originally from the Gwynnish city of Renford, the Arabanis are a mysterious, old-money family. The source of their wealth is rumored to be an unholy alliance with the Dark-Elves. Regardless of the unscrupulous way House Arabani made its fortunes, no one can deny their power and influence today.

Indicative of this political power; one of Anwyn's distant cousins, Ileosa, now sits upon the Crimson Throne.